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Business Visitor

A Business Visitor is distinct from a General Visitor, because a Business Visitor comes to the UK specifically for business-related purposes rather than just tourism. Someone who comes from a non-visa national country can come to the UK as a Business Visitor without first obtaining a visa, but someone who comes from a visa national country must obtain a visa before they come to the UK. However, a non-visa national is still entitled to apply for a visa, and they might wish to do so in order facilitate easy entry into the UK. 

The range of activities allowed on a Business Visitor visa is strictly limited. The visa holder is not allowed to substantially work in the UK but they are allowed, for example, to attend meetings, conferences or interviews; negotiate and sign contracts; provide one-off training; or speak at a business conference. If the applicant wishes to carry out substantial work in the UK they must apply for a working visa.

A business visit can be for a very maximum of six months. 

There is no English language requirement for Business Visitors and dependants cannot be included in the application.

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