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Tier 4 Student

The Tier 4 Student scheme, which is part of the points-based system, is quite complicated. The basic principles are that an educational institution which wishes to teach non-EEA students must be on the UK Border Agency register of educational institutions. An institution which is on the register may enrol a non-EEA student and sponsor them. To sponsor them the institution must issue a Certificate of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) to the enrolled student and the student (who may be either outside or inside the UK) can then apply to the UK Border Agency for leave as a Tier 4 migrant so that they can study the course.

Tier 4 Students are categorised into Tier 4 Child Students (from age 4 to 17) and Tier 4 General Students (from age 16 upwards).

The length of leave that will be granted depends primarily on the length of the course that the student proposes to study. There is a financial requirement that the student shows that they hold sufficient funds to maintain themselves, and this financial figure is worked out mathematically, depending on the student’s circumstances. There is also in most cases an English language requirement.

In most cases Tier 4 General Students are allowed to work part-time, but not full-time except during holiday periods.

Tier 4 General students may be allowed to bring their dependants with them to the UK, depending on the level of course they are studying.

Student Visitor

The Student Visitor visa is less complicated than a Tier 4 Student visa, but it only allows short-term study. It allows the visa holder to come to the UK to study a course with an accredited educational institution for up to six months or, if it is an English language course, for up to 11 months. No working is permitted.

A visa national will always need to obtain a visa before they come to the UK as a Student Visitor. A non-visa national does not have to obtain a visa but they are entitled to apply for a visa if they wish to, and this may facilitate easy entry into the UK.

Dependants cannot be included in the application.

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